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Foster Clark's®

Smooth, creamy and wholesome, Foster Clark's custards are a popular family treat. Whether adding a luxurious flavour to traditional desserts or as a convenient lunchbox snack, they’re great to have on hand.

A sought after treat for generations

Originally imported from England, transport difficulties in World War II provided the opportunity for Foster Clark's custard powders to be made in Australia. Since then, the nation has adopted the brand and made it their own. In the 1990s, the custard powders were joined by Foster Clark's UHT format which came in a convenient "ready to pull" pack. In 2004, with the launch of the brand’s ready-to-eat Custard Cups, what was once reserved for special occasions could now be enjoyed at any time, anywhere.

Fresh convenience

Foster Clark's range of delicious, ready to serve custards is made from fresh Tasmanian milk and contain no preservatives. Their appeal spans generations. When Australian families gather together, young and old enjoy Foster Clark's custard served with their favourite dessert or on its own as a snack straight from the tub. And because Foster Clark's custard requires no refrigeration it is always on hand for when friends and family drop in unexpectedly.

Lunchbox highlights

Foster Clark's Snak Pack is the perfect lunchbox treat, made from milk and no preservatives. Aussie kids have their favourites from the range - Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Banana. And parents can be sure at least this part of the lunch will always be eaten.

The popular family treat

  • A good source of calcium and it's 97 percent fat free.

  • If it wasn't for Snak Pack, a kid'd starve!

  • Made with fresh Tasmanian milk and no preservatives.

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